Water Wheel Centre Building, Northville, MI

World-Class Business Center

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The renovated Water Wheel Centre is a unique commercial and office space overlooking a nine-acre Northville City Park adjacent to the Middle Rouge River. This desirable location is just one block from the center of the thriving downtown Northville, Michigan, shopping district.

Graphic representation of old Ford Valve Plant water wheel

Our Ford Legacy

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A significant landmark in downtown Northville for almost a century, the 'Water Wheel Building' was built by Henry Ford, Sr., as a manufacturing plant to build components for tractors and Ford's popular Model T. The Ford Valve Plant, as it was known, remained in operation until the late 1970s.

Water Wheel Centre in Northville, Michigan ~ A Modern Workspace with a Special Connection to History

Water Wheel Centre Office Space - Modern Design
Water Wheel Centre Office Space - Conference Room
Renovated Oak Loading Dock Doors at Water Wheel Centre
Water Wheel Centre Office Space - Open Floor Plan